BIM & VDC - Our toolbox for your success. We offer you the complete range of BIM services.

When using the BIM methodology for your construction project, we are at your side as experts with established working methods. We model, plan, coordinate and manage - ensuring a successful project.

  • Modelling of the building services

    In modelling, we convert the 2D drawings of your project into a 3D model. However, the conversion of the building into geometric 3D information is only one aspect: Information about materials, media and technical figures are also integrated. 

    With Virtual Design and Construction (VDC), a process closely related to BIM, we create a virtual model. On this basis, all factors of a construction project can be planned digitally, from cost estimation and prefabrication during the construction phase. 

    Even after completion of the project, the BIM model provides valuable services by serving as a basis for upcoming maintenance, upkeep or reconstruction.

  • Coordination of Disciplines

    We coordinate the disciplines and the planners (participants) involved using BIM methodology. This involves coordinating both the various systems and the position of technical installations and equipment within the building with the participants during ICE-Sessions (workshops). Coordinated design, incidentally, is not only important for a smooth project flow: it is also, and above all, indispensable for prefabrications.

  • Clash Detection

    BIM clash detection services visualize potential conflicts between different building systems such as HVAC, electrical, plumbing, or clashes with architecture in a 3D digital model and offer ways to present proposed solutions in presentation slides.

  • Error recognition

    In order to detect and eliminate errors in construction planning at an early stage, the quality of the BIM models must be carefully checked. We support you in this by carrying out model checks, clash detections and documenting them through corresponding quality reports.

  • Quantity take-off of components

    It is possible to calculate and evaluate the quantities of the required components efficiently and comprehensibly for tendering. For this purpose, we create a project reference model to which the building models of the disciplines are aligned in terms of its components and contents. In addition, the reference model contains geometric and alphanumeric information that can be filtered out and quantified.

  • Data Management

    When a BIM model is transferred from one project phase to the next or from one project participant to another, or when the model is to be processed in another software, IT interfaces are needed. We set up these interfaces - and thus ensure a smooth conversion without the loss of data.

  • Consultation in Projects

    We support you in developing a comprehensive BIM strategy with the individual implementation steps and help you create the BIM standard documents, e.g. BIM execution plan and guidelines. We recommend the appropriate BIM tools and data exchange formats - and of course offer training on the subject. In this way, you use your capacities effectively and reduce error costs.

  • Optimisation of the BIM workflow

    After BIM has been successfully implemented, the processes must be regularly checked for their efficiency and optimised if necessary. We optimise your workflow and support you in avoiding sources of error in BIM processes.

  • BIM 360: Real-time collaboration

    The great advantage of BIM is that all participants can access data together and in real time. With the "BIM 360 & ACC" platform, we use a cloud solution that is available to all planners and with which multidisciplinary teams can work together on approved Revit models. 

    BIM 360 enables the networking of workflows, communication via task assignments and data transfer.... The bottom line is that this ensures better construction and it saves time and money.

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    BIM Coordinator

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